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I should explain what the logo is meant to be representing. The guy is a pen, which is me, which comes from my first poem in Philosophy Core, called Creative Process, where I refer to myself as doing Tai Chi, with my pen being my body. The idea is based on "the pen is mightier than the sword" so I created "the Bible is mightier than the pen".

The Bible is shooting out flames because in Ephesians it talks about spiritual warfare and the Bible is the only armament that is offensive. (It means offensive instead of defensive. These are common terms used in combat. The sword is the only spiritual weapon. All the other armaments expressed in Ephesians are protective and defensive in nature like a shield, a helmet, a breastplate, etc.) The flames are meant as in James when it talks about being purified by fire or struggles with temptation in our lives. Isaiah also was purified by a live coal to his lips by a Seraphim. So the usage of fire is not evil or anything violent. Think of it as purifying.

I would ideally like it to show the sword turned inward to his chest, symbolizing like in many fantasy books that when they defeat the great evil force in the world, they are left with the greatest task, which is to defeat the evil within. The Bible is said to be a 2 sided sword, with the ability to cut between bone and marrow, and show the truth. Christ's tongue is said to be a 2 edged sword in Revelations, to defeat the Devil with. The reason I didn't show this is it looks like he is committing suicide.

The spiritual warfare is not against people, ideas, or even spirits. It is about fighting for the purity of our own minds. It is an internal thing. Like the Native American proverb "my greatest enemy is myself." This purity is in regard to our own sins and does not refer to purity in any other sense. But this is a process, not an outcome, as it is not possible for us to live without sin. This warfare is only spiritual in the sense that it is not militant, social, economic, or political. This is for my own moral and ethical development and consists of practical qualities I try, with Christ's help, to cultivate like humility, compassion, kindness, and seriousness and do not correspond to anything supernatural.

My Creative Process

official logo

My pen is not my sword
The Bible is
My pen is my body
I move in slow smooth motions
Every motion is an arc
Each joining and turning
At every meeting point
I place my feet carefully
As in learning a new dance
I feel the warmth flow
From my kidneys
But I am still cool
And goose bumps raise
Off my skin
I stop to think in the middle
I sit down in a lotus position
I open the book
That I am currently absorbing
And leave it in mid sentence
As understanding comes
I make another connection
Another piece of the puzzle
Falls into place
My methods is deliberate
My routine is spontaneous
Where will I go today?
I have some ideas
Where will I go tomorrow?
I have no idea
No other plans than the immediate
I rush to finish it
The project is everything
If there is no record
Then I only benefit
I must provide stepping stones
For others following
I think there is only one person behind me
But he is panting like a hot dog
Who smells a hot dog
And does not want to wait
It must just be my shadow

Complexity Poetry


My sources of inspiration
Are a web of relationships
Which cannot be numerated
In any kind of list
Books give me direction
And my experiences give me vocabulary
But the Holy Spirit
Is my muse
This is an oversimplification
Because I cannot track the source
Of each line of verse
Or how the topic came to be
All I know is how I feel
And what I want to communicate
The words come in a stream
Sometimes faster than I can type
But understanding my method
Would drive a person mad
Even understanding where I come from
Is quite a feat
What is important is the message
And hopefully nothing obscures the meaning
I take responsibility
For the errors
And God deserves credit
For the good points


I reach but cannot grasp
I struggle but it never gets easy
The answers are numerous
But the question is singular
I simplify as much as possible
But some things are just complex
With a pen in one hand
And writing on my heart
My mind spins without ceasing
And my body shifts slightly
Where the light is bright
You cannot see
But even in the dark night
You can make out some things
You can know too much
And things can be too easy
Without struggle
There are no rewards
And without a path
There is no destination
I can change my mind
But I cannot change the world
Sometimes we think too big
And miss what is right in front of us
It is not that things are too complex
But that we expect them to be too easy
Big things can be divided into smaller things
And schedules can give meaning to lengths of time
We cannot expect to finish
What we have never started
We cannot expect to surpass
The skill of the ancients
We can invent something new
But to solve problems
We need to use our creativity
To keep under the radar
There is a way to change things
Without violence or patience
But we must think
In our own space
And not wait for others
To come on board


As numerous as
The needles of a Douglas fir
As irregular as
A guerrilla army
Each aspect is unique
And each discipline distinct
They come together
Like the organics in an ecosystem
Each plays their part
And each element is essential
A projects has its limits
A website can only be so big
There are not just theoretical boundaries
But practical ones as well
Complexity is easy to create
But difficult to manage
Simplicity is difficult to create
But easy to manage
Plan when you are small
And grow in a pattern
Focus is the key to being understandable
Consistency is the key to being clear
Write with discipline
Draw with intent
Organization is easy
When the components have similarities
Separation is easy
When the pieces are different
Management is intuitive
When you understand your field
Public speaking does not frighten people
When they know their audience
Creating and organizing
Must be done simultaneously
Creation must be done
With thought to the completed project
Organization must be done
With creativity in mind

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