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Fighting and Making Fun of Ambiguity

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BENjamin-NEWton Challenging Projects Network
by Ben Huot
Academic Non-Fiction E-Books & More Free Stuff

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This is an Old School Informational website

General Book Statistics

  • 2,686 pages of unique text written over 20 years
  • average of 1 essay or poem written every week for over 20 years
  • average of 134 pages written every year for over 20 years

This website adheres to the following

No Money

Entire E-Book Downloads, in Multiple Popular Formats

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I get no money for this website from any means, not even to pay for this website. I have put a lot of my own personal money into the website, but have not received any funds from outside sources.

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Quick Facts About the Author and Designer

I am all of the following

I am from and live in Eugene, Oregon (America)

Network Ownership

"Think Critically" with BENjamin-NEWton's Network © Ben Huot 1998-Present.

Website designs and all content not marked with a specific license copyrighted, from 1998-Present. I am the webmaster of this network, which includes 7 different, but related websites.

These websites all serve different purposes or audiences, but all share one thing in common: they are all created by me and are about me and my mission/ministry. I am the webmaster, so that I not only create everything on these websites, but also have designed and done all the technical things, to make this site work well, on a wide range of the most popular devices.

I have worked on all this for 20 years now, while understanding that I would never make any money off of it, as my niche is too small.


Welcome, visiting human, pet, toy, or automated software

My stuffed toy bear Fred says I don't have Schizophrenia, but he does

Thanks to God for the Good Parts of my Website, Books, Designs, and Graphics


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If you don't know what phone you have, you are not sure it is made by Apple, you didn't go to buy it at an Apple store, or specifically request an iPhone, then this phone is almost guaranteed to be the phone you have. A big give away is branding: you should have a logo of an Apple on the back, if you look closely, and you will never see any other businesses' name, or logo on any Apple product. If you see the name of your wireless phone carrier/provider on the phone, then it is not an Apple product.

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Just because Samsung contracts out the stamping of one of the pieces of some Apple products in Vietnam, or Foxconn (which is Taiwanese owned) assembles them (and assembles every major manufacturers products) in China (which are all low skill labor or performed by robots), does not mean that Samsung or Some Random Chinese company can make a useful knockoff. Apple now designs its own processors and has exclusive access to a custom metal.

Hopefully, someday, some other company will make a quality smartphone, so we will have a choice, for those who buy brand name devices. Currently, there is no equivalent brand or product to Apple's in (mobile) computing devices. The generic ones (Samsung/Google and Some Random Chinese Company) "Android" often look the same with the same shape and icons, but they are designed entirely differently, with totally different approaches to design and use entirely different software.

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Many people think Android is going to overwhelm Apple's iOS, but Samsung never releases sales figures (and is a giant company, which can hide losses in income from cell phones in their appliance division, for example). Apple mobile devices are the vast majority of non-PC devices accessing the Internet and where all the money is made. If you are using an Android device, for accessing the Internet, you are in the minority and designers and app developers consider your devices a secondary, unimportant, and barely profitable market.

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Unfortunately, a brand name does not necessarily mean it is using the same software or technology. The same situation applies, to the Microsoft Surface laptops, where the cheap ones don't run any Windows software, except Internet Explorer (the first version that caught up with the competition) and a stripped down version of Microsoft Office, that lacks key compatibilities, for those who use Visual Basic to add custom functionality (most businesses), or those who want to use Outlook (most businesses), for their email and calendaring. And, ironically, you can get this same version of Microsoft Office, for iPads as well (but not for Android). sells a simple book reading device, as well as a barely functional tablet, and a high end phone, although they are all called some variant of Kindle and Fire. These software systems and devices are not even remotely similar. Google fans often count these as Android devices, but they are not compatible with and cannot access Google app store "Play" or run Google's own apps/services like Gmail, Chrome, Maps, and Docs.


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  • My About Section Website
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Re-Designing Our Future

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My Work at a Quick Glance

ADD/ADHD Young People

Website Description

Benjamin-Newton Overview: the place for most of my content on web design and graphics. I have actual code, design advice, and my color and logo choices (that I learned in 20 years of web design). I have a very unique approach which I guarantee you will not find anything like this anywhere and it is all available at no cost.

I also have my introductions to my basic theology, advanced theology, and introductions about myself (including information about my personal experiences with having Schizophrenia for 20 years) and other people, on this website.

I also have most my pictures here, including world religion and art with pictures and nature photography in air brush and watercolor. Most other pictures are at the Benjamin-Newton Oregon website cows graphics and abstract drawings sections


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Detailed Notes

Quick Help Remarks


All Books are Only in E-Book formats (digital files)

How to Download Files?

On an iPad or iPhone, for PDFs, Double Tap on the Document and choose Open in iBooks, in Upper Right Hand corner. For JPEG or PNG images, on an iPad or iPhone, Touch and Hold for a Second and choose to Save from Pop-up Menu.

On a Desktop or Laptop Computer, the PDFs will Download Automatically after Left Clicking on Link in Web Page, and Right Click on Link in Web Page and choose Save As to save JPEGs or PNGs for Direct Links to Bare Images. On a Desktop or Laptop Computer, for JPEGs or PNGs In a Webpage, Right Click on Image and Choose Save As.

Can't Find Downloaded Files?

Look in Your Downloads or (My) Documents Folder on Desktop or Laptop Computer and iBooks (for PDFs) or Photos (for Images) on an iPad or iPhone.

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Disabling Javascript will both increase the security of your computer or device and get rid of annoying things like malware, ads, pop-ups, and comment sections. It will also make your computer or device browser run much faster and use many times less of your monthly quota, from your cell phone plan. On the other hand, with many popular sites, you won't be able to use them at all, with this setting, so change it back afterwards.


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Network Overview

Network Introduction

Confused about the world today? Want a simple, direct, and clear explanation? Read my books. My writing is like poetry meets encyclopedia. You will find nothing like this online or in print. All of this writing is available at no cost. I have a steady income and a lot of time, as well as an unusual perspective. This website network and these books are my way of trying to make the world a better place.

There are a lot of other (non-fiction) things I write about, as well, like what it is like to have Schizophrenia, secrets to my website design, and a completely different political and religious point of view. My point of view is partially based on my experience enlisted in the military and later living with Schizophrenia for over 15 years. It is also heavily influenced by my decades long (and continuing) study of world religions and world history (after ancient history and before modern times).

I follow my theories with practical advice and do what I recommend others do. You can make the world a better place. Just remember to think for yourself (this is what studying philosophy should teach you). Learn from my writings and experience, but come to your own conclusions. I am likely wrong on a lot of things, as are even the greatest thinkers, throughout history. I write what I believe, but you need to make your own choices, based on your own experience and your own understanding of yourself and the world.

I teach the exact opposite of the medieval philosophy of Thomas Aquinas. Instead of understanding God, to the limits of reason and then using faith, to reach beyond that, I believe that faith is the primary means with which we should understand God and the use of reason, to explain the Bible and God, is a secondary and subordinate pursuit. It is dangerous, to base your faith on reason, because someone could then change your mind, just because they are better at arguing.

One of the things people often assume is that arguments are all based on reason, and to understand how I explain things, it is important to understand that I am not trying to be rational. I do not believe that you will change your views, even if I was able to form a superior reasonable argument for it. The basis for my faith is not rational either. If you think pursuing truth without using reason is nonsense, then you probably won't agree with what I have to say. Yes, I actually believe that and yes I do see some humor in that as well.

Start reading here today.

Opening Thoughts

Exactly the same but completely different. Slightly worse, but many times better.

For those things we know are true, but we thought were impossible to put into words. Always be kind and work hard. Learn as much as possible and be creative in solving problems. Over all, in making important and morally significant decisions, think long term. The best you can do in life is follow your conscience.

On Certainty in Life

I am sure about everything everyone else doesn't understand, but I am confused about everything everyone else is certain of. Everything you have seen and heard is wrong. What we were taught was true in school is irrelevant. The things we think are really important are very unimportant and the things that we think aren't very important are the most important of all.

About Me

I am a former soldier (army) and have been living independently with Schizophrenia for over 15 years. I live in Eugene, Oregon (United States) I have spent much of this time writing a number of books on various non-fiction topics based on my experiences, what I have read, and the insights I have had over the last (almost) 20 years.

I have also designed these Benjamin-Newton websites from scratch, with all my own code and graphics and updated them daily for that entire time, as well. I code directly to CSS in a text editor and avoid anything that slows the site down or causes unnecessary security problems.

Want to Think Critically?

I am a Christian cynic and pessimist in that I believe in everything in the Bible, but nothing else except Murphy's Law (anything that can go wrong will). I consider this positive, because when anything goes well in any aspect of my working with other people doing their jobs, I am pleasantly surprised.

Explore my website and learn to think critically about everything (history, religion, psychology, ethics, design, technology, and disaster survival). Be sure to be critical of everything you read, including my ideas.


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